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Jocelyn B. Smith was born 1960 in New York. Music was always an intense companion in her life. When she was 5 years old, Jocelyn started classical piano lessons, which she then pursued, with a lot of discipline, for another twelve years. Jocelyn only discovered later, when she was 11 years old, that her voice was a further form of musical expression. As a child, Jocelyn was not yet aware that music would be her profession. Though she could not imagine working as a doctor, Jocelyn was certain that she wanted to help people. Therefore, she found her own path, with the help of her musical talent.With her album “My Way” released 2015 Jocelyn is celebrating her 30th anniversary: 30 years in Germany and more than 3000 concerts.

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    Weimar „Erbenhof“ Jocelyn B.Smith + Band feat. Julia Neigel!

    27.7.24 20:00 Weimar „Erbenhof“ Jocelyn B.Smith + Band feat. Julia Neigel https://ticket.erbenhof.de/event/smith-ft-neigel/

    open event
    Saturday 27 July 2024
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